WD 100

Product code: WD 100
Product Name: Process Stabiliser Masterbatch
Product appearance: Natural color pellets
Application: WD 100 is a masterbatch for CPP, BOPP and blowing PP-films ,based on a film grade PP and which contains high efficiency stabiliser.
1) Excellent heat processing stability of polyethene and good heat-resisting property.
2) Efficiently improve color and luster of the material, especially sutitable for improving yellow-stain and avoiding the degration of polypropylene.
3) As a thermo-insulating agent and substitute during process alternation or process stopping within long time.
4) Eliminates yellow and black spots caused by the aging of polypropylene, shortens process transition time then obtain high yield.
Technical Data:




MFR (230℃/2.16kg)






Guidelines for use:
1) For improving process staility of PP-films, the recommendation letdown ratio of WD 100 is 2~5%
2) As a thermo-insulating agent and substitute ,100% WD 100 is recommended to repalce former material completely before lowering the temperature.
Packaging: WD100 is packed in 25kg bags.
Storage: Store cool and dry protected from sunlight. The recommendation shelf life time is within 12 months.
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