Mar 25, 2013

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Google Releases Panda 25, Further Updates Unlikely

In a move that will turn the heads of SEO marketers and online webmasters, Google is said to have released the 25thinstallment of their Panda algorithm. The most recent of the latest seo updates, this algorithm has for last 24 times of its release been used to clear up the Google search engine results page (known as SERP) of low quality results.

The Panda, apart from sending the low quality websites to the bottom of the search results is also known to bring up the better quality sites to the top of the results. This is known to be of help to users as they can now avoid looking at useless spam on top of their search query.

The only official announcement thus far about impending release of Panda 25 had come from Google’s Matt Cutts on Friday. However, despite no announcement since then, the web users do seem to believe that the algorithm has been released. Whether it has actually released or not, only an official word from the search engine giant will tell.

The Last Installment

In his announcement, Cutts spoke about how this could be Google’s last update of the Panda algorithm which will henceforth be included in the internal indexing of the world’s #1 website’s SERP. This comes as a closure for the algorithm that has lasted 25 updates as of now.
This move has once again reflected on how Google has an organic growth culture and promotes internal talent. Interestingly, Panda was named after Google employee Navneet Panda who developed the algorithm.

Queries Affected

After every Panda update, a set of web users try and calculate the percentage of search results that have been affected as a result of the algorithm. The number has varied from no change to 11% in English language and from no change to 9% in other language page results. The percentage change for this final update is yet to be calculated. However, it is sure to set the webmasters ringing, now that the news of the update is out, though informally.

The origins of Panda lie in the Google Zoo project which is a series of algorithms meant to improve the quality of search results on the net. In this context, one must mention Google Penguin, which happens to be another algorithm which has caused a lot of query movement across the World Wide Web.

When Google will come out with the correct news and the official word on the release is an event that is being looked forward to.

Author: Rajesh Moganti