Jun 1, 2012

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Google Local Listings with Zagat Rating in Google Plus

Google made some changes to Local Business Listings from May 30th 2012 onwards.

What are the changes?

  1. Google Local Business Listings has a new look i.e Local listings are integrated in Google Plus.
  2. Each local business listing rating system has been improved using “Zagat Rating” system.

What is Zagat Rating?

Zagat Rating system will have 30 point scale. Mostly this system used for hotels where customers will rate food, d├ęcor and service. It seems that Google has applied the same rating system to all of the local business listings in Google Places. However Google is displaying only the total score instead of individual Zagat Score of each service. Refer following screenshot for a better idea.

Following is the example of a restaurant along with Zagat Rating Scrores:

Difference between Old & New Local Listings:

How to review a business listing in Google+ Places:


Know your friends opinion on Google+ Places:



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  4. please post a all detail about Zagat rating. this is not provide all explainetion,

  5. I think google has done a good thing by combine local search to Google plus. All the user will definitely get the benefits from this.

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