Mar 24, 2012

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Free SEO Tools for Website Analysis

Most of the SEO Professionals needs to send number of SEO proposals to new clients often. Also, they would like to have quick analysis on each website before sending the proposal. Following are top 3 free online tools which will help you while doing website analysis.
        1. woorank
        2. Site Trail
        3. Hubspot's Marketing Grader

1. Woorank:

Woorank is one of the best free tool for basic SEO analysis. Woorank team is putting their maximum efforts to optimize this tool. SEO Professionals who would like to know about any site in a single click can approach this tool without any doubt. One good thing is it’s always free and clean interface with no ads. Following are the couple factors this tool analyzes about a website:
  • SEO Suggestions
  • Visitor’s information
  • Social Share data
  • SEO Tech Info
  • SEO Tags Data
  • Link Evaluation
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Website Authority & Back links
  • Usability & Security
  • Tracking & Technologies

Site Trail is another free SEO tool for website analysis. It’s little new compared to woorank. It’s also offering the same kind of features in woorank. However Site Trail team has few more additional features to their tool i.e. Hosting, Server, DNS Records & HTTP headers information. Following are the list of features it offers:
  • Social Media Stats
  • Basic SEO Data
  • Visitors Analysis
  • Traffic Rank Details
  • Content & Linking Analysis
  • Hosting & Server Info
  • DNS & HTTP header Records

It will give little in-depth analysis of any website. This tool is able to recognize whether your site is a blog or not. It’s good to test one of your sites personally on this tool, so that you will have a better idea. If you are marketing professional then you will worth testing it. Listed below major features:
  • Blogging analysis
  • SEO Info
  • Mobile Compatibility check
  • Social Stats
  • Analytics

 If you would like to add any free SEO tools to this post, please feel free share your views at below comment section. 


  1. Very nice and useful tools for SEO Professional. Thanks a lot dear for sharing these tools. I like "Woorank" the most among the three tools and I thing it is very user friendly.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing great SEO tools

  3. If you want paid tools then IBP and SEO Power suites are best one. If you are looking for free one then you can try Website grader, SEO workers and WooRank.

  4. Its really nice and informative tools for search engine optimization. And as per my way this one is the best tools where you got information about website and its performance on major search engine. Also its shows what are priorities of your website through you get good result as well as traffic from search engine. This is one is very useful to SEO beginners. This tools totally covered on page & off page information about your website. So this is the best one as per my way And thanks again for providing nice information about SEO tools. Waiting for more SEO tools information.

  5. Thanks for sharing this informative tools.Actually i was searching for a tool like this

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing such a useful information. Being SEO professional these tools will certainly help me in analysing websites.

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  7. woorank is the best site foreever, but now in this days they has made an very bad offer. just one time analysis everyday... it should be 5 time everyday. hope they will do changes

  8. Website analysis is one of the main factors in the SEO process, these suggestions are very constructive.

  9. Thanks a lot for such a nice post.

  10. wow its great websites thanks for sharing a such a great information.

  11. thks for sharing this kind of information.....

  12. Woorank is sooooo great..!!
    I like it very much & i have bookmarked this URL & I will be sharing with my friends,,

  13. Really woorank tool is a great SEO tool.

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  15. Woorank is going best website analysis platform, i would like to mark 10 out of 10 for this website.