Feb 29, 2012

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How to measure SEO Effectiveness?

Every website SEO performance and results can be measured through following three factors.

1.       Monitor Keyword Rankings
2.       Analyze Monthly Visitors
3.       Track Leads & Conversions

1) Monitor Keyword Rankings

Initially every website will be targeted to few keywords which are relevant to respective website niche. SEO Professionals should make sure that “respective landing pages of the website should be indexed & ranked for targeted keywords”. If your website is started ranking for few long tail keywords in the first month itself, it means “your SEO team is doing the right job”. Also month over month keyword rankings positions should be improved. With the help of following kind of report everybody can measure their SEO effectiveness.   

Note: This will not happen in all cases, because few of the niches are highly competitive, so it will take little more time to get results.

2) Analyze Monthly Visitors

Every website visits can be tracked through Google Analytics. It’s free tool offered by Google, also simple to install & activate on website. Usually for a new website minimum two months’ time required to receive traffic from search engines. From 3rd month onwards every website will start receiving little traffic and it should be gradually increased month over month. Of course, traffic increase in every month is a difficult task, so at least existing minimum traffic shouldn’t be decreased.

If your SEO team is continuously adding new content pages then the traffic should be improved. So keep an eye on website traffic and measure your SEO team efforts. Ask your SEO team to provide monthly improvement stats and reports for your reference.

3) Track Leads & Conversions

Your website should have Phone number, Email ID and Inquiry box if you are offering services. If your site is an eCommerce portal then it’s important to have online payment facility, so that visitors will purchase your products through online. 

Compare month over month stats whether you are receiving any inquiries or sales from your website or not and calculate ROI. Sometimes cannot expect immediate ROI through SEO efforts as SEO will give good results in longer run. However make sure to push and keep little pressure on your SEO team to have max output.


  1. It is really important to measure the seo effectiveness all those 3 steps are right,well that was a good article.

  2. Its true that SEO process is a long term process. We should keep patience to get our desired output. Do the right thing and you will get the result definitely.

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