Jun 17, 2011

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Mobile vs Desktop Internet Usage Stats 2011

We all know that mobile usage is drastically increasing from the past 2 years. Couple of smart mobiles are releasing often in the market with latest advanced features. Most of the Internet users will use Google for their search. Let’s consider Google Usage as Internet Usage in this case.

According to the following stats and graphs users are using more mobile internet when they are away from desktop.

Have a look at the following graph i.e. “Google” usage on Desktop. We can see drop on Saturday. It’s usual because visitors are busy in weekends with their families. 

Below graph indicates “Google” usage on Mobile in a week. We can see growth on Saturday. It seems visitors are using mobiles more in weekends for their web activity as they are away from desktops.

Mobile Search is high compared to Desktop search in lunch and dinner times & while travelling from office to home. Have a look at following graphs for better understanding.

Following graph is the comparison between Mobile Internet vs Desktop Internet from the past 3 years. Blue line indicates desktop graph and redline indicates mobile graph. We can see some drop in blue line occasionally because of Christmas Eve. However Mobile Internet usage has slight hike in Christmas. It’s a great signal that Mobile Web has great future in the coming days.


  1. hi,

    while out off desktop only ranging high the mobile internet users since the desktop internet users always quite followers...!!!

  2. It would be handy if you'd used the actual mobile graph above, instead of merely recycling the Desktop graph grabbed from the 'Google Inside Search Event' video.

    Also, the post above misses out some crucial metrics which would lend the information proper context.

    Anyone wanting to see what this is actually all about would be best off watching the actual video on YouTube.


  3. The use of internet is being increased now a days as various plans and schemes has introduced. Most users are using the mobile phone for their web activity.

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