Mar 18, 2011

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Google Analytics New Interface

Google has released upgraded analytics interface for limited number of users. Selected users will find the new version link in their analytics interface. We can check the same on Google official blog too with a Sign-up link. If anyone interested in doing in beta-testing of new dashboard, they can put a request here to Google team.

Seems Google Analytics team did major functionality changes in old interface and made the new dashboard more flexible and faster to access. Multiple dashboards in one much waiting feature has been included in the new release.

Analytics Team has given more importance to the usability and data visualization in the upcoming version. Few features like multiple dashboards with bunch of graphs helps a lot to users, especially useful for big companies.
Analytics New Dashboard Screen-shots:


  1. apart from multiple dashboards,fliping through multiple account..what else is new in new google interface??

  2. @SEO India: Here are few other features:

    1) Setup and track even goals
    2) Compare graphs of any two rows over time with plot rows
    3) Same report can flip between different profiles etc...