Feb 18, 2011

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Google Webmaster Tools Updates in 2011

We have 31 major Google webmaster tools updates in 2011 till now. Following are the list of updates were live by Sep, 2011. Following are the details:
  1.  Better music snippets with rich experience in Google Search - Aug 18th
  2. Sitelinks look and feel changed in Google Search - Aug 16th
  3. Google Panda algorithm rolled out to additional language sites - Aug 12th
  4. New videos on Google webmaster Youtube Channel - Aug 09th
  5. Better reporting for webspam  - Aug 08th
  6. New feature Fetch Googlebot in webmaster tools - Aug 03rd
  7. Speed up website paid Service by Google in future - Jul 28th
  8. Better way to handle URLs with parameters - Jul 22nd
  9. Valid metrics beyond pagerank - Jun 30th
  10. Google +1 Stats on Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics - June 28th
  11. rel="canonical" support now in HTTP Headers - Jun 17th
  12. New Instant Pages from Google - Jun 14th
  13. Webmaster Tools search keywords & impressions info in GA - June 8th
  14. Authors Pictures on web search with markup - Jun 7th
  15. Search engines come together for richer web with schema.org - Jun 02nd
  16. Check your website instant preview in Google Webmastertools - May 18th 2011
  17. Better way to Remove URLS from search Engine Results - May 17th 2011
  18. Suggestions to build high quality sites in the web - May 6th 2011
  19. Google is supporting flash in instant previews - May 6th 2011
  20. Wordpress Plugin for Google Webmaster tools verification - Apr 19th 2011
  21. New Methods to verify websites in Google Webmaster tools - Apr 21st 2011
  22. Google Panda Update goes Global for English Users - Apr 11th, 2011
  23. Now Pagespeed online with Mobile Support - Mar 31st, 2011
  24. Detecting Mobile User Agent - Mar 30th, 2011
  25. Introducing Google Social +1 button - Mar 28th, 2011
  26. Video Sitemaps Help - Mar 24th, 2011 
  27. Google Panda / Farmer Update - Feb 24th, 2011
  28. Making Websites Mobile Friendly - Feb 22nd, 2011
  29. Advanced features in Webmaster tools with analytics data - Feb 18th, 2011
  30. Single Login for Analytics and Webmaster Tools -  Feb 07, 2011
  31. Webmaster Tools Search Queries Update - Feb 03, 2011

29. Advanced features in Webmaster tools with analytics data:

Two weeks before Webmaster tools team has released a feature to merge analytics data with Webmaster tools data. As we expected Google team started releasing more advanced features by combining data of GA and GWT.

Now we can differentiate search queries information based on search type, location and impressions vs clicks. Have a look at above screen shot for clear understanding. This kind of data segmentation will help SEO team for better understanding about search queries, so that they can deliver quality results.

30. Analytics to Webmaster Tools -  Feb 07, 2011

Another update from webmaster team that linking Google analytics to webmaster tools. Many SEO’s have a common questions that “Is it a good idea?”. Yes, it is. Linking analytics to webmaster tools will give more accurate impressions vs clicks count in webmaster tools. It helps SEO professionals to find out the best keywords which are converting well in delivering results.

In future we can expect many changes in webmaster tools relevant to analytics data. We might see like updating current sections and including new sections in webmaster tools. Let us see the future changes in webmaster tools dashboard.

31. Webmaster Tools Search Queries Update - Feb 03, 2011

Google webmaster team has updated a feature in search queries section based on several webmasters feedback. Before Feb 02, 2011 webmasters are able to see the impressions count in two or three digits. After Feb 03, 2011 onwards count will be shown in one to two digits.

For example instead of impressions count 74,000 it will show 75000, instead of 146,000 it will show 150,000. Google team said that “reason behind this update to represent numbers nicely and to decrease the confusion to webmasters”. Internal ranking and impression counting systems are same, only the outer display will change.

Official Source:  Search Queries Update


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