Aug 18, 2009

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New Option "Promote" in Orkut

Orkut Promote Option

Orkut is a popular social site in Brazil and india. 49.83% users in Brazil and 17.51% users in India are using Orkut. It's launched in Jan 22, 2004. In 2004 Orkut has more users from United States, later US users are attracted to facebook and myspace.

We all would always wish to send something to all of our friends like messages, greetings, invitations, photos, videos, information etc. To make all this possible with a single click Orkut has released new option "Promote". It's a free tool. You will find this option below the events button ( Have a look on the following image). Currently this feature not live for all users, Probably it would be live after some time.

Promote Option in Orkut

One of the best part of this tool is tracking. You can see clearly that how many people has viewed your message, clicked it and deleted it. It's a great feature for Promotional purposes. If you want to sale something for low price, this is the best feature to offer your friends to utilize the chance.

Just have a look on the following charts to have an idea that how orkut got popular in Brazil and India which was popular earlier in United States. (source: Wikipedia)

Orkut New tool - Promote


  1. thanks for sharing
    this's good but its not work properly.

  2. The number of Orkut users have come down drastically. Almost all are addicted to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn these days..

  3. Its very useful to all.thanks for sharing ......