May 7, 2009

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Twitter is not for sale

Twitter is not for sale

Recently  we have gone through so many discussions on the web that Google is buying twitter, Apple is planning to buy twitter, why not amazon buy twitter. Of course everyone is ready to buy twitter, However twitter is not yet ready to sale it now. Twitter co founders declared that at the moment they want to be independent.

Do you all know why twitter is getting such a huge demand. It's only because of it's real time search. When something happens in the world, it will come immediately in the form of tweets in twitter. So that the whole world will came to know about the hot news whether it is bad or good. 

Using Google, Yahoo and MSN etc we will get only the posts which are posted in the blogs. Of course through these blogs and news sites we will get detailed information, however for instant real time information twitter is the right choice. Twitter users are increasing day by day in a huge ratio.

Few people are stating that in future twitter will be the competitor for google. Might be whom knows. We have to wait and see for the results. 


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