Apr 28, 2009

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Tips to request reconsideration in Google

Tips on requesting reconsideration in Google

Most of the webmasters face the problem that their sites penalized by the Google. Before submitting, request for reconsideration, just have a look on the following video which is not more than 4 mints. 

In this video Rachel Searles and Brian White who are working in Google Search Quality Team explained clearly about the process.

Discussion as follows in the video :

Brian Says : 

Hi, I am Brian White and this is my colleague Rachel and we are in the Search Quality team in Google in the Web spam group. We are here today with some tips on the reconsideration process. 

Rachel Says: 

All right, let's start with the case where you know your site has violated the Google guidelines, it is important to admit any mistakes you've made and let us know what you've done to try to fix them. Some times we get requests from people who say: "My site adheres to the guidelines now," and that is not really enough information for us. So, please be as detailed as possible. 

Realize that there are people actually reading these requests, including the people in this room. If you do not know what your site might have done to get a penalty, go back to the Google guidelines and reread them carefully before requesting reconsideration. Look at the things to avoid and ask questions of people that work on your site, if you do not work on it yourself. If you'd like that advice of a third party, you can also seek help in our google webmaster forum. 

Brian Says: 

Sometimes we get reconsideration request or where the requester associates technical website issues with a penalty. An example could be that the server timed out for a while, or that bad content was delivered for a time, and google is pretty adaptive to these kinds of transient issues with websites. So people sometimes misread the situation as "I have a penalty" and then seek reconsideration. And it is probably good idea to wait a bit and see if things revert to their previous state. Some people attribute duplicate content with leading to a penalty and usually the problem lies elsewhere. And say you are in a partnership with someone else, say another website, and they put this combined effort together in a way that goes against our quality guidelines and involve both your website and theirs and then the end effort reflects badly on both. 

You have control over your site, but sometimes it's hard to get stuff cleaned up on sites you do not control. We are sympathetic to these situations. Just make your best effort to document that in a complete reconsideration request. In the case of say bad links that were gathered, point us to a URL that shows your exhaustive effort to clean that up. Also, we have pretty good tools internally, so do not try to fool us as there are actual people, as Rachel said, looking at your reports. If you intentionally pass along bad or misleading information, we will disregard that request for reconsideration. 

Rachel : And please do not spam the reconsideration form, it does not help to submit in multiple requests all at the same time, just one detailed concise report and just get it right the first time. Your request will be reviewed by a member of our team and we do review them promptly, that said if you have some new information to add about your site, go ahead and file a new reconsideration request. And finally, if reconsideration does happen, please be aware that it can take some time to notice when a penalty has been lifted. 

Brian Says : 

Yes, the bottom line is we care very deeply for our search engine users, and we want them to be happy and not have to complain. So make sure that 

A) The issues are fixed with your site before filing reconsideration
B) Make sure that we don't have to worry about your site violating the quality guidelines in the future.

So, from the people who are part of the reconsideration process, from our end, thank you.

Rachel Says: Thank you


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