Apr 18, 2009

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Reasons Behind Bad Seo Services

Reasons Behind Bad SEO Services

Recently Seo Scams are getting increased day by day. Reading so many stories in the forums by stating that I have cheated by this seo service. Few clients are personally shared with me their experiences that how they have cheated by the services.

I have did a little research why all this was happening. At last i came to a conclusion now why this is repeating. People who don't have a long vision would do these kind of mistakes. They thought that their knowledge is enough to establish and run a company. They never look and thought of long term results. Feel that they could do it. 

Professionals with little experience who are working with a good seo companies will come out side and establish an organization. Now they will look for clients. Getting clients and satisfying them is not an ordinary matter, so they will promise everything what the client asks while taking the project. At the moment when they are taking the project they won't bother about results. They are in a dilemma that they will try for it, however they will promise to client that they will give it. At last they will often fail and receives a bad reputation in the market.

Few people will promise to the clients that they will get sales and leads through SEO. SEO helps you in getting the leads and conversions, however it won't give directly leads and conversions. That's a wrong statement. SEO guys can promise about search engine friendly optimization, page rank and SERP's.  Search Engine Marketing professionals should promise about leads and conversions. 

For a successful online business an organization should have :

  • SEO Professional
  • SEM Professional
  • SMO Professional
  • Web Designer
  • Programmer 
  • Quality Professional
  • Leader
  • Investor

To run a successful business at least we should have the above professionals.  All those guys should have well expertise in those respective fields then only organization will move towards success. I request to the guys who are establishing new companies, Never start a company with half knowledge. It's not good for you and also your clients.


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