Apr 16, 2009

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Google Plans for faster search using Ajax

Google Faster search using Ajax

Google is planning to display search results using Ajax, Currently results are coming through normal Html. In Feb 2009 read few posts stating that Google is testing new interface with the help of Ajax

Use of Ajax in displaying results is good, it makes search smoother and faster, However experts says that it creates major problems for analytics tracking. Especially in referral string tracking. 

Present normal process is for example some one is searching for seo updates in Google, we will get the following url in current process :

If Google have used Ajax in displaying search results then the url would be look like this :

Have you observed the difference between the first and second url. In the second url we have got # in the place of search? . It means browser won't send the code which is after #. So Analytics not able to get the referrer string to track which is after #. In result for all google visits what we get, analytics will show only the home page of google.com instead of the complete referrer string url. You never found that using which keyword the visitor came to your site. This is the major problem in Ajax. It was clearly stated in the clicky blog.

Google is stating that to come out with this problem, they will use gateway urls for better tracking and faster search results. It seems Google team is working on this from the past few months, hope they sorted out this problem. Of course they weren't revealed it yet. Yesterday (Apr 14, 2008) in Google analytics blog they have posted that there is a change in Google search referrals however it won't effect analytics tracking. Hope this is something related to Ajax feature, any ways we can't come to a conclusion until google announce it officially. 

According to that blog post old Google.com search referrals seems following :

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=seo updates&btnG=Google+Search 

According to the change we will see something like this now :


Few months back Mattcutts declared  that they are testing new Ajax interface using javascript to enhance search results. Google team is testing it on less search results (Even less than 1%). They too don't know whether it's breaking analytics or not. It's still in testing stage. Few users are getting the test results, according to these test results they will experiment every thing and will come to a conclusion that in what areas they need to work out to fix everything.

Have a look on the following video that what Mattcutt says about 'Search using Ajax' :

Looking forward for Google faster and smoother search results using Ajax ..... :)


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