Apr 3, 2009

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Google : Gmail search is simple now

Gmail Search

Gmail Labs is a nice feature i love. Recently Gmail team has released "Search Auto complete" option in Gmail labs. Have a look on the following screen shots to have better idea how this option helps us. Really this feature will make Gmail search very easy. Would you like to know that how to activate this feature? Here is the process.

Gmail : Search Auto Complete

In your Gmail, click on settings tab in the top right side corner. Now click on "Labs" tab which is beside "Themes" tab. Search for the feature "Search Auto Complete", and then select the radio button which is called "Enable". Now you can enjoy the feature. Then your search in Gmail seems as follows. 

Gmail Auto Search :

Gmail Search Suggestions

We all know how Google auto search is useful for us while searching for different things on the web. Even you type misspell word, due to auto search you will get the right keyword in the suggestions. Of course it's not in all the cases. But most of the cases it will show the right suggestion.

Google Auto Search :

Google Search Suggestions
Gmail Advanced search :

Search Auto complete feature offers using of advanced operators in Gmail, which will make your search so simple and accurate. Using these advanced operators you can search exactly what you want like jpg, png, xls, .doc, attachments, file name ....etc. Technology day by day making things very easy and also it makes us lazier... lol...

Have a look on the following video that how to use those advanced operators :

You can read here that how to use those operators with examples which is posted by Google Gmail Team in the web : Using Advanced Operators in Gmail


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