Apr 15, 2009

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Does your website hacked?

Is your site hacked

Most of the webmasters are suffering with hacking and de-indexing problems. We need to take a lot of care while protecting a website even it is small or big. 

To findout the problems why your site is de-indexed or how hacked is little bit difficult and needs lot of attention to find out the reason. Participate in Google webmaster groups, so that Google engineers might guide you in the right direction. 

Actually when we will have a doubt that whether our site is hacked or de-indexed from google, just observe the following factors so that you will came to know the status.

  • Website is ranked for spamy words
  • Taking more loading time and getting error even host is good
  • Suspicious messages from browsers
  • Web pages disappeared from the Search engine results
  • Homepage is De-indexed from Google

How to confirm that your site have suspicious content :

Google has released Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool in Mar 2008. Using this tool you can check

  • Present status of your site
  • While visiting does google have any problem?
  • Does your site distributing malware or not?
  • Is your site hosted malware?

In the following URL just replace cnet.com with your site URL to get the results 

Just have a check on your site and let me if you have any problems and concerns. It looks as follows . If your site is safe then that's good or else what's next step you need to take (Described below the image)

Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic tool

If your site hacked then :

First step you need to take is contact your hosting service and inform him to remove the malware from the site. Then have a look on the following factors

  • Hidden text and links
  • Cloaking urls
  • Automated requests to search engines
  • Doorway pages
  • Duplicate content
  • Paid links
  • Do follow links for ads

You must avoid all the above techniques to get good rankings in search engines. Once you fixed all these issues then go to the Google webmaster tools and request for re-inclusion. After few days your site will get back to the old position and some times even better positions too.

I hope everyone is using Google webmaster tools, if not please start using it. why because you will get all the information about your site that how Google is crawling your site, how many pages are included, indexed, crawling issues, problems .....etc. So as per the instructions in the account you will fix the issues and make your site clean and perfect. Sometimes you will get a mail or message from webmaster central team by stating about issues in your site. Would you like to know how the mail looks like, here it is ...

Message from Google Webmaster tools team

Here is a small video where Mattcutt explains What we need to do before submitting re-inclusion request to Google about our site.


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