Apr 9, 2009

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Better Search Experience in Google

Improve Google Search Experience

Google is standing on top of search engines. Everyone loves Google, because its vast improvement and better user experience. Google search results gives us the info that what exactly we want.

Here I would like to explain about few steps so that you will get the exact info in a single search without visiting others websites. You will get the desired info in top of the search results and below the search button.


Would you like to know the exact time in each country. Simple step you need to follow that just type time (country or city name) in google search result. You will get the exact time as shown in the image.

Search Format : " time 'country or city name' "

For example :

time india
time us
time japan
time australia

Time Search in Google

Money :

Most of the people feel difficult while counting the money by converting one country currency to another country. There is no need to go any currency converting website. Just simply type in google by using the following format

Search Format : " Amount 'country currency code' in 'country currency code' "

For example :     

20000 INR in USD
5400 USD in GBP
2800 GBP in INR
7000 EUR in INR

currency conversion in Google


We all use units while measuring the length, place and height. While converting yard to feet, feet to yard, centi meter to inche, inche to milli meter....... etc. we found very difficult. Now Google search made this so simple.

Search Format : " Number 'code' in 'code' "

For example :    

11.5 cm in inches
200 inches in cm
10.5 feet in yard
123 feet in cm
200 yard in feet

Units conversion in Google Search

Places :

Hope everyone aware about this Google maps. Google maps are getting so popular. In previous days we used to ask everyone to find an address. Now people are using mobile to find address through google maps. We can assume now how technology improves. To find any place just type simply the place name you will get the map in google search. Just click on it to enlarge and to move towards your destination.

Search Format :     "Place name"

For Example :    

San Francisco

Find Places in Google Search

Weather :

This is a cool feature. I used this weather feature to check my clients weather and asked him " hey it's rainy or little cool over there, Am I right" then my client was shocked. Hey how do you know that? Of course later he came to know that i am using this feature.

Search Format :    " Weather 'Name' "

For Example :    

weather chicago
weather hyderabad
weather visakhapatnam
weather usa
weather beijing

Weather search in Google
Stocks :

Hot topic in the world, however it's a sad topic now in world, because of recession. Most of the people who are invested in the market are currently in a very bad situation. I don't have much knowledge about these stocks. Any ways it helps little for the guys who are doing business in stocks

Search Format : " Brand name"

For Example :    


Stocks search in Google

Hope this post helps you little in getting better search experience in Google. Feel free to comment your thoughts, ideas and views.


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