Mar 19, 2009

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Twitter Premium Accounts (Is it a rumour.....?)

Twitter Premium Accounts

As per Brian Briggs Post in On Mar 19, 2009 Twitter CEO - Evan williams announced Premium Accounts in Twitter.  Brian posted that "Evan stats that most of the celebrities and big corporaters are showing willingness to pay for twitter accounts". Until now no one knows that how twitter is getting revenue, it's a mystery. 

Also Brian post is stating that "William clearly stated that free accounts are availble as usual. Only the users who needs more services would go for Premium accounts. Analysts said that Twitter value almost equals to GDP of Canada"

Premium accounts in 4 tiers as follows :
  1. Sparrow
  2. Dove
  3. Owl
  4. Eagle

1. Sparrow 

  • $5/month
  • 145 Character Limit
  • 5 Extra Random Followers

2. Dove 

  • $15/month
  • 160 character limit
  • 25 extra random followers
  • 1 random celebrity follower
  • auto-spell check
  • "Fail Whale" T-shirt

3. Owl 

  • $50/month
  • 250 character limit
  • 100 extra random followers
  • 2 random celebrity followers
  • 30 minutes on recommended list
  • auto-spell check
  • "Fail Whale" hoodie

4. Eagle 

  • $250/month
  • Users get 500 character limit
  • 1000 extra random followers
  • 3 celebrity followers of their choice
  • 5 hours on recommended list each month
  • Twitter Concierge for Tweeting while user is asleep or busy (and more)
  • auto-spell check
  • "Fail Whale" tuxedo
  • custom "Fail Whale" page when service is down.

Source : Twitter Premium Accounts

Note : It would be great if some one could confirm that whether it's a rumour or truth. Not even a single response from any higher official.


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