Mar 31, 2009

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Targeting Keywords for Better Search Engine Rankings

Targeting Keywords

Keywords have a major role in any on line business. Selecting and targeting the right keywords will show huge impact on your success. In Previous days Most of the Business entrepreneurs will target the highly competitive keyword and they will struggle to get good search engine rankings for it. 

Only few professionals will think about it in depth and takes the help of web professionals. They will guide you in the right way that how to proceed step by step to succeed in on line business. 

Never target highly competitive keywords to get top rankings in search engines. There is way to target keywords and to get top rankings. 

Steps you need to follow :

1. Select highly competitive right keyword which suits your business. For example your keyword is 'Health'

2. Do keyword research and select long tail keywords like :
  • Health benefits
  • Health plans
  • Health ideas
  • Health news
  • Health tips
3. If above keywords are too competitive then choose little more long tail keywords like :
  • health care benefits
  • medical health plans
  • good health ideas
  • current health news
  • food health tips
4. Still feel competitive then go for 4 or more phrases keywords
  • health care employee benefits
  • affordable health care benefits
  • medical health care plans
  • health choice medical plans
  • current health related news

Now it's better to target above 4 phrased keywords and get good rankings for those keywords. Once you achieve top positions for the above keywords then go for 3 phrased keywords. This is simple phenomenon that everyone needs to follow to get top ranking in search engines.


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