Feb 10, 2009

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Google is working on Power Meter

We all know that whole world is suffering with recession. At present moment it's our responsibility to plan and make our self stable up to few days. We need to give support to the people who are affected little bit more with the current economical crisis. Whole world is started saving everything including Electricity too.

Google wants to keep his hand in helping us to save power. Almost everyone don't know how much electricity we are spending wastefully while using the home appliances and also not aware that each appliance consumes how much power. Few appliances needs more power to run and few for less. Once we know the appliances which needs more power to run. So that we can plan and try to decrease the usage of those appliances.

Google is planning to build a power meter which gives us a clear data of the electricity usage that how much power each appliance consumes. They said that we can save 5 - 15% power bills every month with the help this power meter. Of course it's a little amount. However just assume how many houses in the world. If each house saves 5 - 15% per month then what about the complete saving from all over the world. It's huge right.


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