Feb 24, 2009

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Gmail Down worldwide - Almost for 3hrs

Gmail Down

Gmail is down around the world. It's not working around 1:30AM Pacific Time (Feb 24th 2009). Gmail support team is stating that they are aware of this problem and strongly working to resolve it. You can view the message which was posted by Gmail support team in gmail's support page. 

Lots of people around the world are suffering to access their data which was kept in gmail. Most of the guys completely depends on the gmail. They are all eagarly waiting.... Hope Gmail will come up soon.

Few people are getting the following server error from the browsers because of Gmail is taking long time to respond.

Gmail Down Worldwide

Most of the people are expressing their views in one of the popular social site Twitter in the name of #gfail. Have a look on their views in the following screen shot.

Update : Almost after Two and half hrs Gmail is back. Now all users are comfortably using it for their needs. Following is the Google Engineers explanation for the cause of Gmail Outage which was posted in Gmail Official Blog. (Click on image to Enlarge)

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