Jan 7, 2009

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GrandCentral in Spain?

Google is planning to launch GrandCentral in Spain. GrandCentral is a service which provides single number internationally, so that we can connect all our mobiles numbers and voice message numbers to that single number instead of maintaining all those with difficulty.

Now a days Most of the people 2 - 4 mobiles in hand and difficult to answer all calls, to check voice messages. Some times we might miss some voice messages and calls due to busy schedule. If all those calls and messages are directed to a single system with a unique number internationally, that would be great right. That's exactly what GrandCentral provides. 

At Present US People only have the access to use this service. They should get an invitation to use this service. It seems now google is looking to expand this service to worldwide. As per the Spanish news site reports, we undetstood that Google started expanding Grandcentral  spain. 


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