Jan 9, 2009

Google Chrome 2.0 Pre-Beta coming soon with great features

Google Chrome 2.0 Pre Beta

Google Chrome is developing little bit faster. Now chrome developers are updating few features and making them user friendly. We all know that Google chrome needs fix so many bugs as it was little baby now and trying to walk. 

Just have a look on Chromium Developer Documentation for better idea. Obviously we should have a better knowledge to understand the complete documentation. Of course software developers could understand it well.

Following features are going to add to Pre-Beta 2.0 : 
  • Form auto complete
  • Full Page zoom
  • Auto scroll
  • Profiles

In future Google chrome may gain the hearts of viewers. Chrome is a light weight browser with higher technology. I feel comfortable to move those browser on my desktop. I and all looking for 0.1% bugs Chrome. It would be great if the bugs were 0%. Of course it's not a big issue for Google, however it takes time to fix everything.


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